viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

airomate 1.03 RDS encoder software

Airomate makes it possible to use a 192 kHz sampling rate capable soundcard to generate a high quality stereo MPX signal with full featured RDS/RBDS for FM radio transmitters. Airomate gives your radio station the professional look and sound.

The maximum frequency of a MPX stereo / RDS signal goes up to 57 kHz. So you need a soundcard that can handle a minimum frequency of 57 kHz. Nowadays there are cheap soundcards which have a samplerate of 192 kHz. These soundcards can produce frequencies up to 96 kHz. For a frequency of 96 kHz you will need a minimum samplerate of 192 kHz.
Most operating systems can not handle a samplerate of 192 kHz. Windows XP WITH Service pack 1 is the first Windows version which can handle this.


all software include, chronos, etc


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