lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

eternity radio automation software

Playback support for mp3, wma, wav
Flexible commercials' scheduling
Song database
Automatic playlist change
Automatic commercial program change
Automatic mixing (crossfade/fade-in) with external sources (satellite, line-in e.t.c.)
Drag'n'Drop songs into playlist on air
Log file keeping track of time and song played
Check control for erased files
Yes, you can continue a song that was interrupted from a commercial exactly from the point it was interrupted
Random files playback from specific folder
Random folder playback
Automatic crash recovery after power failure/accidental reset
Automatic loading of last playlist
Define jingles using F1-F9 keys for easy access
Define fade in/fade out time for jingles separately
Keyboard shortcuts for all Eternity commands
Don't STOP Mode that keeps Eternity playing even if songs of the current playlist have been removed
Wake-up Mode during which Eternity starts automatically when a commercial is scheduled
Pentium III 900 Mhz 256MB RAM 80GB HDD*
Soundblaster Live! or Audigy sound card
1280x1024x16 Screen resolution
Windows XP Professional
Eternity is compatible with Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
For stability we recommend Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Pro.

Performance on Windows Vista has not been tested thoroughly.
Some compatibility issues are present.

*The installation of Eternity requires ~8MB in your hard disk.

..and free!!!!!


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